How to Embed a PDF file in a Website using HTML Code

You’ve probably seen a lot of websites that display pdf files right on their pages rather than providing a link to download the file. It’s also possible to do it on your own blog or website. we will show you how to accomplish it using a straightforward approach.

How to Use HTML Code to Embed a PDF File in a Website

To embed a pdf file in your website, you’ll need to utilise extremely basic HTML code. It would be preferable if you created the PDF yourself and submitted it to the server. Simply grab the PDF file’s URL and then follow the instructions below to embed the PDF on your website.
1) Open the HTML code for the webpage where you wish to embed the PDF.
2) Go to the precise spot on your website where you want it to appear.
3) Add the following code to your page:
<embed src=”URL_of_the_PDF_file.pdf” width=”550″ height=”750″></embed>
4) In the src box, paste the URL of the PDF file. Width and height may be modified to fit your website’s display area.
A basic example of one of these PDF files is shown below. I hope you’ll utilise this easy code to embed PDF files to your website.