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YouTube Music & YouTube Premium: The Spotify and Netflix competitor

YouTube Red

The music on YouTube is huge, really big. Every month, more than 1 billion people visit YouTube for music. But it has never been as bright as a proper listening service.

His latest proposal – YouTube Music – is designed to change that. But in the dominant music stream of Apple and Spotify, is YouTube Music too little, too late?

What is YouTube Music?

This is Google’s new music streaming service.

Is there a music streaming service on Google?

Yes, it does: Google Play Music.

What is the difference between YouTube Music and Google Play Music?

They have different libraries. With YouTube Music, you don’t get official songs. You get a lot of remixes, covers, live versions and parodies on YouTube, as well as music from people who aren’t into recording. And of course you get the video too.

What are the unique features of YouTube Music?

In addition to the tracks mentioned above, YouTube Music can search for specific words and even use natural language: Google says you can search for that hipster song “with a hipster song”.

The app also offers context-aware recommendations, such as creating a playlist of fires, accidents and deaths if you’re at the airport.

Don’t worry, it really won’t happen. But it does offer you tracks for the gym or listening to soothing music before the trip. The discoveries are sure to be a big part of the YouTube Music experience: it offers thousands of themed playlists for specific genres or moods of music.

How much does YouTube Music cost?

$ 9.99 per month in the US and $ 9.99 in the UK. A total of 17 countries have access.

Is there a free version of YouTube Music?

It exists and it is supported by advertising.

Where does YouTube red music fit into YouTube music?

This is a very good question. It will be rebranded as YouTube Premium and now includes YouTube Music as well as Google Play Music. It will also be more expensive than $ 11.99 / £ 11.99 per month as it offers offline video. If you are a YouTube Red subscriber in the US, Australia, South Korea or Mexico, your monthly fee will not increase when you have Red Premium. If you don’t have a subscriber and want a video without ads, the price has gone up.

You can try YouTube Premium for free for three months. It also costs £ 17.99 in the UK.

If I pay for YouTube Music, will it get rid of ads on everything?

No, just things in music. If you want to remove ads from everything you need for YouTube Premium.

Can I get YouTube originals on YouTube Music?

No. This is a Premium feature.

Can I download YouTube videos using YouTube Music?

What do you think? This is also a Premium feature. YouTube Music allows you to download music, but not other YouTube content.

When can I get YouTube Music?

If you’re in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand or Mexico, the early entry program kicked off on Tuesday, May 22nd. On June 18, all were eligible in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Do I need an app to access the YouTube Music service?

Google has updated its mobile app and created a new desktop player for YouTube Music, but we hope it works in your web browser as well. After all, this is YouTube.

Is YouTube Music the killer of Google Play Music?

It does not make sense to use two similar flow services under one roof. Google Play Music Days are clearly listed. Although this has not been confirmed, we talked about why the two programs are still together.

YouTube Music Spotify or Apple Music Killer?

It’s very difficult. Obviously, the numbers will be very difficult. As of January 2018, Spotify had 70 million paid subscribers, and Apple Music is expected to surpass the U.S. this summer – partly because YouTube knows it’s all free stuff. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), 85 percent of YouTube users go there to listen to free music.

Most YouTube Music users support the version designed for advertising, and we think that rarely do people do this when using blocking tools.

And don’t forget about Amazon. Its Alexa push potential could put Amazon Music in many homes.

The big problem here is that Google and its video creators don’t make a ton of money from subscriptions – that’s the advertising business and the money is right here. Speaking to Digiday in February, network executives said that YouTube Red brings in only 7 percent of the revenue that “makes money from YouTube”. When other sources of income, such as sponsorship, were taken into account, the figure was 1%.

Honestly, the lack of interest in YouTube Red was partly because YouTube Red could only be accessed in a few areas. But one of these regions is the U.S.’s largest music streaming market in the world. In the U.S., 30 million people pay for music streaming. Very few of them are YouTube Red users.

In an interview with The Guardian, industry analyst Mark Mulligan said, “YouTube did this to calm down music tags that like subscription models, but it can’t be a Spotify killer. YouTube is about creating ads; strategically. I believe we will make it a leading service of the music subscription service. ”

Another problem. In late 2017, Billboard announced that it would devalue YouTube streams in the algorithms it uses to calculate schema placement. In plain English, which means charts, Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music streams are more expensive than YouTube. If you’re a record company, this will affect where you do advertising activities, such as service exclusives that attract a lot of traffic, not your ads. At first, at least, this makes YouTube Music less attractive than its competitors.

YouTube Premium members can now download videos in 1080p quality

If you pay for a YouTube Premium subscription every month, the good news is: you can now download videos for offline play at 1080p, which is higher than the previous 720p limit.

YouTube Premium users

The changes were first tracked by Android Police, with the Full HD (1080p) version appearing when YouTube Premium users save and test videos on their phones.

You may still not see this option – perhaps this feature is slowly spreading in YouTube apps for iOS and Android. Before downloading, make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

In addition to never watching ads, offline download is one of the best parts of YouTube Premium, and you should see the difference between phones with big screens and high definition.

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Number of pixels

There have been rumors since February that YouTube plans to update the maximum number of pixels to download, but now its engineers are finally facing it.

High-definition downloading certainly means more space on the phone, but it’s a trade-off for many. It is not yet possible to download 4K videos in 4K size.

While no official comment has yet been made by YouTube and Google, new and improved quality settings are emerging in all of YouTube Premium’s existing markets.

Subscribing to YouTube Premium also gives you access to Spotify’s rival – YouTube Music, which is slowly replacing YouTube Play Music.

Free Mega Premium Pro account login password – Mega Review September 2020

Mega is trying to replace the cloud in a slightly different way: a student of eccentric tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom (he still walks), his main draw is in all Mega plans (including premium, pro and free account).

These mechanisms ultimately involve encryption and the publication of its source code on GitHub so that anyone can check it for security issues. is very responsive and easy to use and it has cross-platform tools available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Mega Premium account features 2020

It is able to maintain a good balance between mega features and simplicity and works on almost any device – you can view specific folders on it on your computer, as well as upload files via the web interface. If you stay within your overall quota and support the service version, you can upload files of any size, so you can also get copies of old documents.

File and folder sharing is included in the Mega service and you can transfer the encryption key with a link or the encryption key separately for convenience, although the other channel is a more impressive feature for users who understand security, if not most. Links can also be password protected and have a validity period for them.

These are the security features that really set Mega apart, ultimately encryption is supported (see more below) and special attention is paid to protecting your privacy. A secure chat client is also built into the platform, which can be especially useful if you use Mega with your small business.

You won’t get a free online office suite at Mega, and it doesn’t have some of the advanced features available in other products, but overall it’s a fast, well-designed cloud storage solution designed to protect your data. Downloading and syncing is very easy, most of the file sharing options you need are included, and your files are available almost anywhere.

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Mega Premium interface

The mega web interface gives you a sleek and smooth experience where everything is meticulously placed and usable – whether you upload files or get information about your account, it’s all clear and simple. The web app also does a good job of viewing (or listening to) media files, documents, and more in your browser. Features like sharing files and folders are always done with a few clicks and are one of the cloud storage solutions we make easy to use.

In addition to accessing Mega through a browser, you also have access to the MegaSync app for Windows, MacOS or Linux. Again, like the online interface, everything is very clean and neatly structured within the desktop client, and it carefully tracks any folders it tells you about, automatically syncing files like Dropbox. You can sync the entire Mega cloud lock to your computer or simply to selected files and folders.

We are amazed at the number of extensions that Mega offers, from an extension for the Thunderbird email client to a command line interface that you can use if needed. It talks about a cloud storage service built by people who are passionate about technology, and even has an encrypted chat platform called MegaChat that you can use to chat confidently with other users if needed.

Download and download speeds are pretty good and fast in our experience – if you have a broadband connection, and the desktop has a few great extra features we like: the ability to know how much bandwidth to use, for example. and the ability to exclude certain files from the synchronization process based on their names.

Mega Premium security

One of the main reasons why the mega habit is so attractive is because of its approach to security. Everything on the platform is ultimately encrypted, which isn’t even Mega – or anyone who guarantees Mega can understand your data. This means that if you forget your password, you will not be able to return your information, and you will need to confirm that you understand this before creating a premium account.

In fact, this is not entirely true: you have a recovery key in your account, but you need to write it down elsewhere to create an appropriate security network. You can also secure access to your account by enabling two-factor authentication, which is an add-on we always want to see from a security standpoint, and Mega is clearly a very serious approach to privacy and security.

Mega Premium & Pro Prices

You can sign up for Mega for free without entering any credit card information, and if you want, you can stay on the free plan forever – this gives you a 15GB “database” of storage and a “limited” file transfer limit, which is drastic. will change. Based on backup capacity in the mega network. You can find extra space by doing various tasks like inviting your friends or installing mobile apps, but eventually that extra space will run out.

After that, the price per month for 400GB storage and 1TB file transfer starts at 4.99 (about $ 5.50 or £ 4.50). The highest rate is 29.99 euros ($ 34 or £ 27) per month for 16TB of storage and 16TB of file transfers. If you pay for one year at a time and have business accounts with additional management features for this user from € 10 ($ 11 or £ 9) per month, you can get discounts at these prices.

The final verdict

Mega is very important for users who value a lot of attractiveness, especially privacy and security over other considerations. After trying out different apps and features, we say it will be a breeze to get around the service and find all the tools you need. Mega manages to satisfy more advanced users who may need an encrypted chat or command line interface to keep absolutely beginners in the cloud.

It should also appeal to enterprise users with additional user management features, secure built-in chat and the ability to easily share files with people who are not in Mega. Overall, Mega has a clean, easy-to-use interface and many useful features – it doesn’t have the scope of some other cloud services, but most of them can be costly and violate security measures. The place is very impressive.

Free Zee5 Premium Account Login Username and Password September 2020


Zee5 is a popular on-demand video streaming service. Here, we can watch online series, movies, TV series and more.

Finally, now you can enjoy all the content and functions of Zee5 Premium zone access, and watch all network series and movies with your personal Zee5 Premium account login id and password details.

Zee5 premium account username and password free September 2020

The Zee5 streaming service was launched in February 2018. Zee5 Premium also offers a selection of online serials, movies and TV shows that are streamed instantly without any additional cost.

After giving premium subscribers access to all premium content and features, Zee5 offers free and paid subscriptions. You can use the job ID and password below to get a Zee5 premium account for free, and you can access all premium and locked content.

How to log in to Zee5 premium account?

  • First, go to the official website of
  • Then click the login button.
  • Select a job ID and password from the top of the form.
  • Enter the ID and password in the required boxes.
  • That’s it, now enjoy all zee5 premium content.


Zee5 is an on-demand video streaming service platform. Millions of users use and love this platform. Zee5 provides its own award-winning network series, movies, live TV channels and more premium content.

However, many users do not pay for Zee5 premium subscription fees. Therefore, for all these people, today I share the Zee5 premium account ID and password. This can help you get all the advanced features of Zee5 for free.

I hope you follow the above steps to obtain the Zee5 premium account ID and password.

In the comments section, let me know which Zee5 premium accounts usernames id and password are rightly working for you.

Free Netflix account and password cookies premium trial September 2020


In this article, I will share the free username and password of the Netflix Premium Account for Free without credit card or paypal needed. Then, I will show how to login with a given Netflix Premium account and password so anyone can easily use Netflix full membership features with a free trial one month access subscription period.

In fact, this is the same process as I get a Netflix Premium account for free.

Therefore, if you want to get a free Netflix Premium account email and password details, you will like this new guide. So let’s start.

Why do you need Netflix?

Do you like to watch online series, movies and videos? So sure you have heard of Netflix. Many people watch TV. They now like to watch programs and news, movies on online video streaming sites.

Free Netflix premium accounts and Passwords September 2020

In a boring life, entertainment is also important. When you are bored and depressed, you can use the Internet. On the Internet, you can listen to songs and watch movies. Many options for providing entertainment content are now available on the Internet.

Nowadays, many users like to watch online videos, online series, movies. This is why many companies launch their own video streaming applications and websites.

The Netflix streaming website is a very popular website. It provides a lot of original content and its own programs and series. But Netflix is ​​a premium service. We must purchase its usage plan.
We want to buy a lot of people, but they have no money. They are searching the Internet for a free ID password for a Netflix Premium account to use it.

Today, I will share the free ID and password of the Netflix premium account to help you get a free Netflix premium account.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​the most popular video streaming website. When Netflix passed away 20 years ago, Netflix was offering DVD-based subscriptions. However, Netflix upgraded the service in 2007. For the first time, Netflix viewers have launched their own video streaming service that can play hundreds of on-demand TV series and special videos. Netflix now presents high-quality and diverse content.

Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service in the United States. Eight years ago, Netflix provided services in India. If you have never used a streaming service, then you will be familiar with the Netflix interface easily.

Netflix is ​​a service based on paid subscriptions. Those who want to use this feature must purchase their subscription. Netflix offers monthly and yearly plans. It provides online series, movies, TV series and more. Netflix also provides instant streaming of selected content at no additional cost.

Overall, global Netflix now has 167 million subscribers and more than 60 million existing subscribers in the United States. There are 2 million subscribers in India.

After you get a premium subscription to Netflix, you can enjoy all the advanced features, and you can also download videos offline together, and enjoy any plot in HD and 4k quality.

Netflix is ​​a subscription service that allows users to access Premium Web series, the latest movies and more.

Many users want a Netflix Premium account free ID password, and they are searching on the Internet, so, below, we provide a Netflix Premium account free ID 2020 to help you easily access your Netflix premium account.

Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords Free today September 2020

How to log in to Netflix Premium account?

First, visit the official website of

  • Click the login button.
  • Then select a Netflix Premium account from the table. Choose an ID and a password from the table above.
  • Then log in with ID and password.
  • That’s it, now enjoy Netflix Premium Account Free.

The best alternative site for Netflix

Netflix is ​​the most popular video streaming website. On Netflix, you can see web series, the latest Hollywood movies and movies in many other languages, as well as more original content. Netflix is ​​a fairly large streaming service. And many other video streaming services have brought fierce competition to Netflix.

So let us know about some similar streaming sites, you can use them to replace Netflix and watch web series, movies and many original content.

What is the best Netflix alternative?

1. Amazon Prime
2. Alt Balaji
3. Hotstar
4. Zee5
5. Sony Liv
6. Disney+
7. Hulu

To Sum UP

Netflix is ​​an online video streaming site, it is an amazing digital entertainment service. Millions of users use and love this platform.

However, many users cannot afford Netflix’s premium subscription fees. So for all these people, today I share the free ID and password of the Netflix Premium account. This can help you get all the advanced features of Netflix.

Hope you follow the above work ID and password to get a Netflix Premium account for free.

Let me know the usernames and passwords suitable for you in the comments section

Free Ullu Premium Account Login ID (username and password) September 2020


Are you looking for a Free Ullu Premium account? Ullu is a popular on-demand video streaming platform. Here, we can watch our own web series, movies, TV shows and more.

In this article, I will share the free ID and password of Ullu premium account for free. In fact, this is the same process as getting Ullu premium account for free.

Therefore, if you want to get the Ullu Premium account Login and password, you can use this new guide. let’s start.

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What is Ullu and why do I need it?

Ullu is an on-demand video streaming service. Ullu is a popular entertainment service owned by Vibhu Agarwal. It was mainly launched in India in December 2018.

Ullu premium account free September 2020

Overall, Ullu now has 4 million active users. It has its own network series, movies, live TV channels and many other selections.

Ullu is a video streaming service based on paid subscriptions. This is an amazing entertainment platform. After subscribing to the Ullu premium subscription, users can access all premium web series, movies and live TV.

Ullu provides monthly, quarterly and yearly plans. It provides its own online serials, movies, live TV channels and more, without any additional cost.

Below, I will share the best way to get Ullu premium account for free. This can help you access all Ullu premium content for free.

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The best way to get Ullu premium account for free this year hack 2020

Ullu is a subscription-based video streaming platform. If you do not have a Ullu premium account, and you are looking for a Ullu premium account for free, then I have no problem here. Below I will share two best ways to get a Ullu premium account for free. So go.

Free Ullu trial membership period hack September 2020

Free trial is the best legal way to enjoy Ullu Premium content. Many streaming service providers offer free trial versions of their services to their users. The service provides its users with a free trial period of the first four videos, during which they can access all premium content for free. After that, after the free trial period ends, you will need to subscribe.

Ullu Advanced Cookies

If you want a free Ullu premium account, you can try this method. We suggest that if the above method does not work, try this method. You can enjoy all the advanced benefits of Ullu Premium Account by using cookies from trusted sites.

Ullu Premium Account ID and Password September 2020

This is the best way to get a Ullu premium account for free. Many websites provide job IDs and passwords, and you can use this account for free. Of course, in the following, I will share the free ID and password of a valid Ullu premium account for free. Simply log in to Ullu with this ID and password to access all premium content for free.

What is Ullu Premium Login subscription?

Ullu is a video streaming service based on on-demand subscription. Ullu offers monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription packages for premium members. Ullu is available on the Web, Android, and iOS platforms. After becoming a premium member, users can enjoy all Ullu premium content.

Effective prices

  • 5 days 36 ₹
  • 3 months 99 $
  • 6 months 144 ₹
  • 1 year 198 ₹

To Sum Up

Ullu is an on-demand video streaming platform. This is an amazing digital entertainment service. Millions of users use and love this platform. Here, we can watch online series, movies, live TV channels, etc.

However, many users cannot afford Ullu’s premium subscription fees. Therefore, for all these people, today I will share the Ullu premium account free ID and password. This can help you get all the advanced features of Ullu.

I hope you follow the work ID and password above to get a Ullu premium account for free.

In the comments section, let me know which Ullu premium account ID and password are right for you.

GAFAM are committed to securing the Flow of our Data

MANRS (Mutual Agreed Norms for Routing Security)

Google, Netflix, Amazon and Akamai are all integrated with the MANRS model that aims to prevent harmful or non-harmful events.

The internet scam and attack have been fierce since the outbreak of the virus. By the way, the process is to choose ways to transmit information from one network to another, and thus, it evolves over time and relays network information. In response to this situation, some providers, cloud services or Data Integration (CDN) providers have decided to join MANRS (Mutual Agreed Norms for Routing Security) efforts to address the issues. security issues.

Among these new subscribers are the prestigious names of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Akamai, Azion and Cloudflare. MANRS has over 300 members, representing approximately 50% of global traffic.

A plan beginning in 2014

The first was born well before Covid-19 and returned in 2014. He tries to solve the security problems of internet security. But until now it has been in demand for drivers and change sites. A portion of the site’s Internet and its operations survived. The fact that you join other online players will help increase the audience and increase the pressure on others to promote similar activities.

Host and see server services

Criminals can be tricky to find in any of the following principles: to encrypt an IP address or to a known user, to look at his or her lead, to mislead the public, to introduce the talk and steal data or money. But of course there is no need for a boat call or hacker after every event. It can also be the standard setup and lax security controls by the manufacturers. China Telecom is most commonly used here, such as the Internet connection.

MANRS Members must follow the reporting requirements. The first five are:

  1. The development of artificial intelligence is inaccurate
  2. IP routes are from unknown sources
  3. Yes to communication development and organization
  4. Integrate authentication with global access
  5. MANRS integration company
  6. Monitoring of police and demolition of suspects


Sources : The Register, MANRS