Black swifts descended rapidly during lunar eclipse —

A global analysis staff led by Lund College in Sweden has managed to review the flight behaviour of the mysterious black swift. They discovered, amongst different issues, that the black swift rises to excessive heights throughout a full moon, seemingly catching bugs within the moonlight. And, throughout a lunar eclipse, the birds concurrently misplaced altitude. The outcomes are revealed in Present Biology.

The black swift is a chicken species with a cumbersome physique and lengthy, pointed wings. The plumage is black with some white areas on its head, and its name is a collection of high-pitched tweets, with the occasional longer squeak. The black swift is endangered, and has subsequently lengthy been of nice curiosity to the world’s chicken researchers.

Utilizing microdata loggers and superior know-how, the researchers have been in a position to map the motion patterns of black swifts throughout their migration from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the Amazon Basin in Brazil.

“We found that the black swift doesn’t land a single time throughout their eight and a half month lengthy migration, in order that they keep within the air all the time,” says Anders Hedenström, biologist at Lund College.

When the researchers went by way of the fabric, they made one other discovery that stunned them. It turned out that the black swifts, in reference to a full moon, rose to excessive heights at evening. Whereas flying at an altitude of some hundred meters in daytime, throughout full moon nights they rose to between 2000 and 4000 meters.

“The dynamics of the high-altitude flight in relation to the totally different phases of the moon got here as a complete shock to us,” says Anders Hedenström.

The researchers additionally managed, by probability, to review the birds in reference to a lunar eclipse — when all of the birds reacted instantaneously by diving to a lot decrease altitudes. The moonlight thus has a direct significance for the black swifts’ flight altitude.

“Our outcomes are very thrilling, and harking back to the vertical actions in relation to moonlight present in, for instance, zooplankton within the oceans,” says Anders Hedenström.

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